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March 04, 2015
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Tom & Jenny's Candy

Tommy Thekkekandam @tomanddjennys

Tom & Jenny's was founded by two candy-lovers - Dr. Jenny, a dentist, and her husband Tommy. We make gourmet candy that prevents cavities and is safer for diabetics! Why would a dentist make candy? For years, Dr. Jenny has treated children. She's heard the frustrations of moms and dads. Trying to convince kids not to eat sweets is an uphill battle, so we found a way to make healthy treats that are delicious. We hand craft gourmet caramels with natural, non-GMO plant-based xylitol.

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Universe Creative Agency is a full-service booking, digital video, and creative projects firm representing award-winning artists dedicated to making a difference in the community.

Meet the Organizers

Anna Rhyne @anna_rhyne

Anna is the Program Manager for the Research Triangle Park's Business Development team and is responsible for the planning and execution of all community and relationship focused programs and events. Anna is a lover of travel and all things NC State!

Dina Mills @LaUNChapelhill

Dina has over 25 years of experience in developing and managing entrepreneurial ventures in a wide range of industries, across three continents, and as both for profit and non-profit ventures. Dina retired to Chapel Hill in 2001 where the entrepreneurial bug bit again and she co-founded LunaPops, a gourmet frozen pop producer. She stepped out of the business in 2012 and now manages Launch Chapel Hill. www.launchchapelhill.com

Past Organizers
Anna Penner

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Past Presenters

Acceleforce LLC


Acceleforce delivers a SaaS based sales force improvement tool that significantly increases the win rate for larger sales teams. Efficiencies are delivered by measuring the effectiveness of each individual team member during face-to-face sales pitches using voice recognition, artificial intelligence and learning algorithms. By understanding which actions most reliably result in a successful sale, the system is able to automatically provide insights and training needed to achieve gains of up to 30%.



The company has an exceptionally talented team of data science focused on creating simulation environments from large data sets. We focus in a variety of industries including retail, security, education/HR and healthcare.

Academic Benchmarking Consortium


Academic Benchmarking Consortium provides data and consulting services to help universities benchmark their cost data against other peer universities. By providing an apples to apples comparison of costs, Academic Benchmarking Consortium helps universities make actionable decisions that will control costs and maintain quality. www.abc-insights.com

Sticker Farm


Sticker Farm is a children's lifestyle brand celebrating the 'neat' in the ordinary to the extraordinary with a focus on inspiring conscious, creative and caring children.

SeaChange Technologies, LLC


While millions of people depend on desalinated water for their daily needs, the available technologies are environmentally damaging and have extreme energy requirements. SeaChange Technologies offers a low energy, environmentally-friendly solution. Our mission is to bring disruptive innovation to the water industry; solving problems that people have learned to accept, and bringing options to people who currently have none.

Spinwhiz Comics


Spinwhiz Comics is an entertainment and service website that allow independent comic book publishers, artists and writers to start gaining a following and FINALLY make money on their content. I take the revenue drivers that my competitors do individually and combine them into one site (ads, digital download, print and eventually merch). Our site also allows publishers to easily host content and interact with their fans right on the site or via social media. For readers, free comic books all the time!

US schools spend $5billion per year, growing at 20% annually, on technology for the classroom. Yet, they have no way to know what works. LearnTrials is an online platform so schools and districts make data-driven decisions when they try, buy and use education technology. The research-backed approach empowers teachers to have a voice in what works in the classroom, integrating multiple data sources to figure out what's working and save schools and districts 80% of the time it takes to make better decisions.

A better way for independent artists and fans to discover each other.

Medfusion, Inc


Medfusion is dedicated to enhancing the relationship between patients and providers by redefining how they communicate with one another. We offer the ability to shift routine tasks online and to mobile vehicles, improving practice efficiency and driving patient engagement, all while empowering providers. Our solutions also optimize time and resources for ambulatory practices, so healthcare providers can focus on what they do best - caring for their patients.



PencilBlue a first of its kind online publishing platform that allows web development teams to quickly build content driven sites that are infinitely expandable, easy to manage, and mobile and cloud ready - out of the box.



Bridging boarders and shops one crazy deal at a time.



Track2Quit is a startup based out of NCSU. We are focused on taking down the #1 cause of preventable death in the United States, smoking addiction.

RePoser, Inc.


The RePoser is a lightweight, portable, carry-on armrest that allows you to sit more comfortably in an economy airplane seat. It elevates your arms into a comfortable position in front of you, then supports the weight of your arms, allowing you to rest without slumping

Grow Global Summer Academy


A summer program for kids in which making dynamic instructional videos a la Khan academy helps students attain mastery over core educational units. Curriculum built around urban agriculture.



SyncHear has developed hardware that transmits a Wi-Fi audio signal to a user’s Smartphone which they can receive using the free SyncHear mobile application. The units attach to each television’s audio output. The SyncHear mobile application, working on Android and Apple iOS platforms, enables users to choose the television audio they are interested in listening to, and to change the audio stream to another television simply and effortlessly.

FotoSwipe, Inc.


Instantly share photos across multiple devices (iPhone, iPad, and Android) with the swipe of your finger.



Gymsurfing is like Travelocity for gym and fitness centers. We are app based and allow our users to purchase a day/week/month long pass to any gym in network with just three taps on their Android/Apple device. No fees, you only pay as you actually use the gym.

A custom built CRM + Email marketing platform. A simple easy to use system that highlights the great features of other apps like mailchimp and salesforce.

Move Loot


Move Loot is the first curated, full-service online marketplace for secondhand home goods. The company aims to not only make buying high-quality, stylish used goods easier, but also to reduce the amount of furniture that goes into U.S. landfills – currently, 10.8M tons annually. Move Loot takes the burden off sellers by picking up their goods and selling them on their behalf, and the service includes professional photography, storage and next-day delivery to the buyer.



A wash while you shop valet experience that provides a waterless-car wash and detail. Buddy's also helps young entrepreneurs on Saturday's by teaching entrepreneurial skills. Buddy's plans is to partner with major food retailers such as Whole Foods, Trader Joes, Harris Teeter, and/or Food Lion. We plan to launch Buddy's during winter 2015.

Clutch Lotion


Clutch Lotion has developed an antiperspirant hand lotion that keeps your hands feeling natural, fresh, and sweat-free all day long.

FilterEasy, LLC


FilterEasy reminds you to change your home air filters by automatically shipping them to your door every one, two or three months.

Stealz, Inc.


Stealz is a mobile app for service venues that is capable of driving valuable word of mouth marketing while collecting significant customer data such as email addresses, phone numbers, visit frequency, demographics, and the ability to launch targeted direct marketing campaigns based on that information. Leveraging customers’ social media networks to promote their favorite brands is inexpensive and powerful marketing that literally turns a business’s customer base into their extended marketing department.

The Looma Project


The Looma Project is a digital storytelling platform for products with a cause. We partner with social enterprises to share the stories behind their products and connect their consumers with their producers.



Sageworks provides private company financial information and develops financial analysis and risk management solutions. By doing so, we hope to give people data they can understand and use, which helps them make better financial decisions.

Tootdeck Inc


Tooting your own horn has never been this easy! Tootdeck has developed an engaging social media platform for professionals to capture their day to day activities and achievements, build reputation from a meaningful community, and showcase their skills and talent on a dashboard created through big data analysis.

<dev>tech academy


Focused on low-income youth ages 18-24, tech academy is a one-year tech-based job training program that combines classroom and on-the-job learning. It starts with a 3 month web development bootcamp followed by a 9 month apprenticeship at a local tech company. Finally, we place students in a full-time job at the end of the program.

Mamafrica Designs


Our mission is to change the lives of the women and the future of the children that have been most affected by conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo. We take a holistic approach to creating this change by providing education, healing arts programs, and economic opportunity. This fosters self-empowerment, community, and sustainability for the women and will ultimately result in generational change.

Emerging Frontiers


Crowdfunding for emerging and frontier markets. Emerging Frontiers is a crowd-sourced news/information portal that builds a community of investors with particular focus on frontier/emerging markets. The site also hosts a crowdfunding portal that offers accredited investors the opportunity to build a portfolio of high-quality companies in frontier markets for as low as US$ 1,000 each. The company maintains strong emphasis on impact investing, which the founders believe to be superior to charitable giving.

The Sonder Market


The Sonder Market is a student-run worker-consumer not-for-profit cooperative that brings local, affordable, and healthy food directly on to UNC's campus, fosters relationships between consumers and farmers, and provides vocational opportunities for agricultural entrepreneurs looking for change.

Headbands of Hope


For every headband purchased, one is given to a girl with cancer and $1 is donated to fund life-saving childhood cancer research.



MindSumo is a marketplace that connects companies to college students through real-world, skill-based projects. By solving interesting problems, students gain recognition, win cash prizes, and stand out to potential employers. Companies receive innovative ideas, and can identify top candidates based on actual work samples.

Relay Foods


Relay Foods is a full service online grocer and marketplace for local food, offering over 8,000 curated products, the end of impulse-purchases, and a day extra to live each year. Relay serves the Mid-Atlantic.

Review Game Film


Review Game Film is a sports technology startup based in Raleigh, NC. We’re developing a first of its kind service that gives college football fans the unique opportunity to review team game film, share analysis, breakdown plays, and discuss strategy with friends! Fans will also be able to learn from former players, and compete online to see who would make the best coach.

Keona Health


We provide hospitals and physician practices with a triage platform to reduce their administrative overhead related to triage and enable them to see more patients.

Entigral Systems, Inc.


Entigral sells TraxWare®, enterprise software for asset, inventory, and work-in-process tracking, using advanced sensors like RFID, with a primary focus on the manufacturing sector. The company currently delivers the RFID industry’s most unique software solution for capturing data on inventory, assets, equipment, labor, and work-in-process. Entigral’s software enables Smart Manufacturing and the Enterprise Internet of Things.

Bikini Bus LLC


Mobile boutique for swimwear. A basic foodtruck style business for bikinis



We are an LED horticultural lighting company that provides energy efficient and environmentally friendly lighting solutions. LumiGrow technology allows for precise control of spectrum via wireless networking of the lights.



BaseTrace has a breakthrough DNA tracer technology that can fingerprint industrial fluids in oil and gas production and detect leaks for nuclear power generators. The company is based at First Flight Venture Center and is currently raising a large Angel Round of financing.

Camp Gladiator


Award-winning outdoor group fitness. Camp Gladiator is more than a boot camp, it's an experience. Created by American Gladiator Grand Champion Ally Davidson, CG has become the fastest growing and most dynamic fitness program in the nation. CG is a 4 week adult fitness boot camp that promises a motivating and challenging environment where men and women of all ages and fitness levels can push themselves. CG is designed to increase your functional strength, speed, stamina, & most importantly to deliver results.

g-bit.com is a market intelligence company providing subscription services and custom research at the intersection of energy, environment and sustainability with design and business strategy. It aggregates, curates, analyzes and organizes the latest market data from 150+ trusted sources and creates a personalized data feed and weekly email update as well as a searchable database of statistics, executive briefings, monthly trends reports, white papers and quantitative tools. g-bit also provides a customized



At rethinkh2o, we work with companies worldwide to incorporate intelligent water use practices into their products, processes and facilities. We’re water problems solvers who help highlight opportunities and costs with how you use and reuse water, and we work with your business to form achievable short and long term water goals. Using our unique database, industry-specific knowledge and experience, we can increase water efficiency and revenue, just like how our team has helped businesses save millions in both gallons and dollars. We recognize that different companies have different needs, so we want to work with you hands-on, to tailor our efforts for the right fit. No matter the size of your organization, we want to partner with you to help reduce, reuse and rethink H2O.

Seven Waves Capital


Seven Waves invests in fully operational, utility-scale, solar photovoltaic energy facilities in the continental United States. Each facility has an established long-term power purchase agreement (PPA) with a high quality, creditworthy counter-party. Seven Waves utilizes internally developed software to enhance project management, reduce operations and maintenance cost, and increase returns.



CityWix is an online marketplace that allows you to buy and sell local services in the same manner you would products online. With no quotes or bids involved, you can now know exactly what service you are going to get, how much you’ll get it for, and when you’ll get it - before you order.



Sweeps matches college students to help people get just about anything done for $25 per hour. Jobs include moving, event help, cleaning, tech help, tutoring, and more.

Acorn Applications LLC


Acorn Applications is a software company that provides analytic workflow tools for the clinical trial industry. Our cloud-based TrialSuite application enables Pharmaceutical companies, Device manufacturers, Biotech companies and Contract Research Organizations (CRO's) to select and quickly activate high-enrolling research sites. Combining predictive analytics with an intuitive, easy to use workflow, TrialSuite helps reduce the time and cost to conduct clinical trials.

Health 2.0 NC Triangle


Health 2.0 is not a company, but an organization to build community, host events, share group news, and spark conversation amongst people interested in health innovation and technology.

Get Spiffy Inc.


On demand mobile service connecting car wash and detailing consumers with convenient, trusted and professional service providers

Agile EndoSurgery, Inc.


Agile EndoSurgery develops advanced laparoscopic surgical instrumentation which gives surgeons the dexterity and tactile sensitivity they need to perform advanced minimally invasive procedures. Our technology is the most cost effective means for expanding the application of laparoscopy into surgical specialties which have maintained relatively low adoption rates. Our goal is to provide instrumentation to enable state of the art surgical care at any institution.

The Art of Cool Project


We are a 501(c)(3) jazz presenting non-profit organization located in Durham, NC. Our mission is to present, promote and preserve jazz-influenced music. We present high quality live music concerts in unique venues throughout the Triangle.

Let's Chip In


Let's Chip in is the easiest way to organize and contribute to group gifts. Whether you need to organize a group gift for a baby shower, wedding, or birthday, Let's Chip In can help.

Non-Scents, LLC.


We create origami flower arrangements with messages inside each flower for those who can't receive live ones such as ICU, cancer, oncology, or transplant patients. We also provide jobs for women refugees and partner with local non-profits as "giveback" partners each year. Today, we deliver more than flowers, we deliver messages and words from the heart resulting in a personalized creation for every recipient.

Everest Live


Everest Live makes it easy for you to launch your own realtime content network, with all your social media, commerce and content marketing efforts all in one place. Our custom accessories and web apps turn smartphones into the equivalent of a fully outfitted broadcast truck - all connected to your own custom online network. And our massive influence database allows content creators to reach tens of thousands of online influencers with a few clicks, to quickly build an audience to share your content.

K4Connect, Inc.


K4Connect is a software platform company focused on bringing together multiple and often incompatible “smart” devices into a single cohesive system.

Order in the House


Professional Organizing for home office and residential. Specializing in working with adults who have ADHD.

Zip Services


Zip Services is changing how you feel about commercial linen services … in a good way.



We build collaborative prototyping facilities for organizations. We are a design and engineering firm that creates makerspaces, labs, manufacturing facilities, collaborative educational spaces, and mobile prototyping spaces (in shipping containers). We also offer facilities and user management software. Our mission is to create spaces that make the world more creative.

Triangle Curling Club


Yes, there is a curling club in the Triangle!



We are building a solution for social media advertisers providing actionable business insight and recommendations to optimize marketing spend, social ads performance, and content strategy on the main social channels. (Existing modules focus on Facebook Ads performance optimization and Page engagement optimization)

SIS accelerates the implementation of energy and resource efficiency projects through real-time monitoring and big data analytics. We leverage paid-from-savings projects to make manufacturers more competitive and prove that sustainability is profitable.

42 Local


42 Local is the new way to shop local, on your smartphone or on the web. Shop Local. Anywhere.

Acris Pharmaceuticals


Acris Pharmaceuticals is a pharmaceutical development company that strives to enhance healthcare through the commercialization of innovative research and in doing so provide returns to company investors and provide philanthropy for academic pursuits.

Rental Tax Tool


Rental Tax Tool is an online solution that allows Vacation Property owners to quickly and easily pay occupancy taxes on their rentals.

Buzz Rides


Buzz Rides is a mobile advertising service, as well as a free late night transportation service for students. What makes Buzz Rides special is its vehicles. Buzz Rides utilizes 6-seater 100% electric American made vehicles.

Sprocket House


Sprocket House is a design studio (we make web sites)

i-Suntari, a service-disabled Veteran-owned social enterprise, engages all stakeholders of government, academia, industry (private and nonprofit) and civil society to participate, exchange information to elevate the lives of vulnerable Veteran populations. We use a Consortium model to support the development of science-based social entrepreneurs. Serving as an information center, as well as facilitating industry-academia partnerships in agribusiness and joint research projects.



Joeveo designs, manufactures and distributes temperature-moderating drinkware that keeps your hot beverage just right. Drink in style, never burn your mouth again, and enjoy your hot beverage for hours.

3 Birds Marketing


3 Birds mission is to become the leading data and content-driven customer engagement platform for businesses who want to forge loyal, meaningful, and long-lasting relationships with their customers.

Joe Start Up


Joe Startup is an education technology social enterprise focused on increasing the level of fluency in streetsmart entrepreneurship. Through 26 lessons, Joe Startup offers a free online start up planner which has sketchpad animation, examples, templates and FAQ. The curriculum covers creativity, design thinking and entrepreneurship, or how to create lots of fuzzy ideas and turn one into a sustainable enterprise. Start up simply. Simply start up.



We are building the future of online advertising. Adzerk is a platform that enables publishers to blend traditional banner ads with innovative new native formats.



Pop up Training is an innovative functional training container company that provides top trainer run fitness classes close to offices and urban areas. We provide an exceptional amenity for employees to utilize for maintaining a healthy lifestyle without having to drive from work. We are merchants of change working to lower healthcare costs and improve the lives of everyone we serve.

Ally Research


Ally Research is a non-profit organization that connects the military community and the research community in order to drive discussions aimed at finding effective, new ways of preventing and treating mental health disorders as well as challenging the stigma surrounding mental illness in today's military.

CollegeFeed Ventures - UNC


collegefeed Ventures is a student-run venture that works to source the top entrepreneurs, coders, developers, and designers and highlights these accomplished students to our networks of mentors, investors, and resources.

Global Alliance for Legal Aid (GALA)


GALA supports the provision of legal aid to the poor and public interest litigation on human rights and environmental protection issues. GALA works through partnerships with local lawyers in Ecuador, Jordan, Kenya, South Africa and Uganda. GALA provides funding sourced through 1) crowdsourcing and 2) the sale of fair trade products from the country where the legal aid is provided.

The hCard powered by SchoolHeart, Inc.


The hCard® is a patent-pending fundraising program that supports schools, nonprofits, our military, and first responders. hCard Members save with everyday discounts from community-minded local businesses in our national online and mobile directories.

PractImage is an online reputation management and technology company for the healthcare industry. PractImage gives healthcare professionals an easy way to monitor and manage their online brand and reputation, while offering solutions and action items to build a positive online marketing and web presence.

TRANA Discovery


Trana Discovery provides a proprietary drug discovery technology platform that enables its partners to discover new treatments of bacterial, viral, and fungal infectious diseases. Our high-throughput assays screen vast libraries of compounds to identify potential drug candidates that work through a novel mechanism of action: inhibition of the target pathogen(s) ability to use an organism-specific transfer RNA (tRNA), essential for propagation.

Hope Gardens


HOPE Gardens creates a community space in Orange County, North Carolina that fosters relationships between students of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and local community members of all socioeconomic statuses. HOPE Gardens further strives to educate the community on sustainable food practices and alleviate poverty in Orange County by providing access to affordable fresh produce through shared efforts in sustainable agriculture.

myDrugCosts, Inc. provides an award-winning, cloud-based platform that empowers individuals to become better healthcare consumers. With instant mobile access to prescription drug costs, individuals can readily consider costs and make informed purchase decisions. Self-funded employers and health plans can customize myDrugCosts with plan specific information to lower plan spending and enhance member communication.

TeamSnap is a unique way to manage your sports team. Anybody who's coached or played on a recreational adult sports team or youth sports team knows how hard it can be to keep track of all the players, games, and team payments. TeamSnap takes the headache out of team sports by making it simple to manage your sports team online. Best of all, TeamSnap is easy, intuitive, and web-based. You don't need to download, install, or configure anything. All you need is a web browser and an internet connection.



The SpotTrot platform is a fully customizable, plug-and-play solution that allows you to implement your mobile commerce strategy and start generating revenue quickly and easily. Our patent pending technology supports all smartphone and tablet devices, extending the reach of your merchandise to fans anytime, anywhere. With a proven history of revenue generation for many of the world’s top artists, teams and brands, our technology platform grows and scales with your market needs as they evolve.



From Farm to Foot, Feelgoodz products are made with 100% natural materials providing fair wages to artisans and cooperatives around the world.



HomeWellness is a virtual building science expert helping homeowners make smarter decisions when improving their homes comfort, health and energy efficiency by empowering them with building science knowledge. Our scientific approach provides homeowners with a trusted resource where they can get unbiased 2nd opinions. We save homeowners money and headache by helping them properly identifying root cause issues rather than rely on biased contractors.

SEA makes recyclable futons. Really good futons: easy, fun, and comfortable.

Tuee is an electronic guest relationship management system for restaurants.

Raleigh Entrepreneurial Acceleration Lab


With a group of dedicated coaches spread across the full spectrum of your needs, REAL fuels your growth. We provide you with whatever you need to reach your next goal (free space, coaching, infrastructure, etc.). We don't ask for a percentage of your company and don't kick you out after 90 days. If the right answer is 12 months of free space, we make that happen. We add value instantly, no strings attached.



SnapYeti is a fun, free place to be rewarded for sharing your snaps. Compete to win awesome prizes, deals, and to help promote causes that are changing the world around us!

ABAN (A Ban Against Neglect)


Aban is an organization working to solve two problems with one united solution. Every day, over 40 tons of plastic waste is thrown into the streets of Accra, Ghana. Every night, over 30,000 children fall asleep on those same streets. Aban works with the street girls of Accra to help them learn a trade, make a living, and secure a future, as well as receive the tools to transform their city into a healthier environment.

Impulsonic, Inc.


We perceive the world by listening, in addition to seeing. In 2006, a combination of research expertise and shared interests in audio and technology brought together a group of student researchers at UNC. We continually pushed the envelope on what is possible with audio and acoustics, developing revolutionary, powerful technologies for architecture, film, and video games. In 2011, we founded Impulsonic to bring all of this powerful technology into the hands of users in a variety of industries.

Brothers Vilgalys Spirits Company


The Brothers Vilgalys Spirits Company was started in 2011 by Rim Vilgalys in Durham, NC. After two years of research, planning, and red tape, we launched our first product, Krupnikas, a Lithuanian style spiced honey liqueur, in January 2013. It is now available in North Carolina ABC stores.

Compost Now


After realizing how difficult it was to manage a home compost receptacle, especially in small backyards, apartments, and condominiums, Matt set out to create a system that would allow anyone to compost at home without the hassle and maintenance of a compost bin.

Bevii Inc.


Bevii is a mobile, location-based social network that blurs the line between on and offline social life.



We are the sum of our experiences. Discover, promote, and check in to the best life has to offer.

Software and hardware that automates workflow for nuclear power plants

Listen Write Present LLC


We teach communication skills that help business leaders become more confident speakers, competent writers, and persuasive communicators. We are dedicated to offering high quality, custom-designed workshops that are interactive, relevant, and convenient.



We make videos that explain, persuade, interact, and engage. We ask questions, uncover your story, and turn it into beautiful, shareable content that drives online audiences to engage with your brand.

We match the right college students to do just about anything for $25 per hour.

Enlight Research, LLC


Enlight Research's mission is to optimize board executives’ time and talent by delivering easy access to customized industry and financial insights delivered through Board Brief, our secure iPad application. Our team of research analysts better equip management and its board of directors to enable smarter, more focused decisions to build better businesses.

Mobile Webie


A tech company whose building a mobile landing platform for non-tech savvy small business owners.

Eighty Percent Solutions


Eighty Percent Solutions creates and distributes innovative productivity software, including the famous apps Freedom and Anti-Social.

Healthy Girls Save the World


Healthy Girls Save the World (HGSW) is a non-profit organization providing preventive health education for girls ages 8-15. Healthy Girls Save the World’s mission is to provide education on proper nutrition, the benefits of physical activity, and overall healthy lifestyles so that girls will be knowledgeable and enabled to make healthy choices in their lives. HGSW’s core drivers of overall efficacy are events that the organization hosts at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

A custom built CRM + Email marketing platform. A simple easy to use system that highlights the great features of other apps like mailchimp and salesforce.



The next generation condiment container.

Ruzuku is disrupting the $11 B self-improvement industry with online courses. Ruzuku allows passionate experts -- like authors, professional speakers, executive coaches, bloggers, and consultants -- to monetize their expertise online.

Steel String Craft Brewery


Steel String Craft Brewery brews high quality ales by adapting aggressively hopped American styles into the North Carolina vernacular. Steel String Brewery and TapRoom is located in Downtown Carrboro.

deja mi INC (WedPics)


WedPics is the personalized photo-sharing platform for weddings. Candid photos taken by guests capture the entire wedding experience in a single, private, social network surrounding the couple. WedPics creates a dynamic timeline of photos using guests’ iPhones, Androids, and digital cameras.

Financial Tailor


Financial Tailor is an online investment adviser. We help you create an investment portfolio tailored to your exact specifications, all for free. For a fee that is about half the cost of a traditional adviser, we will set up and manage your portfolio on a ongoing basis so you can feel confident in your financial future.



Local-Ventures is a business-to-business website that helps small businesses find and connect with high quality local vendors and service providers. Small business users can view vetted vendor profiles and reviews, and receive customized quotes from multiple vendors.

Smashing Boxes


We are a web and mobile software development company, building innovative solutions for startups, non profits, universities, and enterprises.

Tethis, INC.


Tethis develops and markets super-absorbent biodegradable foams and powders in various water treatment industries under the product name Tethex. Based around a patented technology, Tethis solves the risk, cost, and technical difficulties found in the treatment of highly concentrated brine waste as well as other hazardous wastes.

Sanitation Creations


Sanitation Creations is developing the Dungaroo: an odorless, waterless, hygienic and cost efficient portable toilet aiming to solve a worldwide sanitation crisis. 2.5 billion people are without proper toilets, leading to sickness and death. The Dungaroo maintains a closed-loop system where neutralized waste can fuel bio-gas digesters. Sanitation Creations plans to provide solutions to the RV, boat, porta-potties toilets and transportation industry.

text2give, inc.


text2give, inc. is a fundraising company that takes the power of mobile to help non-profit organizations reach their fundraising, communication and engagement goals.



ArchiveSocial provides the industry’s leading technology for capturing and preserving business-grade records of social media activity. It helps eliminate legal and compliance barriers so that organizations can better leverage social media.



Digaforce is a social intelligence company specializing in audience measurement. By leveraging our proprietary technology, organizations can target demographics through actionable data. Our past work includes partnerships with public officials, athletes, brands, entertainers and sports properties.

Resound Magazine


Resound is a national digital music magazine network that covers college community music scenes through locally focused, student-run branches. We offer the local relevance and national perspective that music enthusiasts demand, all provided by the nation’s top student-journalists.

Weejee Learning


Weejee Learning is a global provider of custom e-learning solutions. We’re the archenemy of boredom and dullness. Weejee Learning has award-winning expertise in creating unique learning solutions for better learning experiences and outcomes. Our mission is to rid the world of ho-hum learning.



Thundershirt designs and manufactures products for helping dogs and cats manage their anxieties. The largest of these products is the Thundershirt, a pressure wrap clothing product that calms pets during their anxious moments, sold online and in pet retailers around the world.

Datacraft Solutions


Datacraft Solutions provides a lean inventory replenishment Software-as-a-Service platform that seamlessly integrates with ERP/MRP systems to allow manufacturers to improve inventory performance on the plant floor and throughout the supply chain. The Company was formed in 2003 and was restructured in 2012 with new angel investors as, essentially, a lean "re-start up."

TOPO Distillery


In the 1990’s Top of the Hill Restaurant and Brewery helped forge the North Carolina microbrewing renaissance. We are now proud to carry that heritage into microdistilling, and it all begins with local, organic ingredients — 100% organic soft red winter wheat from Scotland Neck, NC. Our experienced distillers then craft this top quality grain into spirit using precision equipment sourced from a fifth generation German still maker.

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